Living alone has challenges

ok so I’m on my own. Boo hoo. What I miss is having someone to talk about my day or what’s happening or having another person’s opinion. I’ve got a pup who just had spay surgery and don’t have anyone to say-“isn’t that weird” or “what a diva!”  We will manage but human companionship cannot be underestimated.


5 thoughts on “Living alone has challenges

  1. My blog has been enormously therapeutic over the years. At first I started writing on one so I could keep everyone in my family updated all at the same time when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007… It’s a perfect place to rant and rave – or whatever!


  2. Thank you Christine for opening up this new world or can of worms! I haven’t decided totally but I have to admit I’m enjoying it. Good luck with your busy autumn and look forward to exploring this blogging world with you.

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