The Rollercoaster Life

My heart has been getting a workout lately. My Daughter in law texted me. My son was late returning Sunday from a day trip hunting. No biggie except the news was full of reports of mudslides and torrential rains causing flooding. So I’m trying to be reassuring, wait and see. He’ll be home shortly. But my heart filled my chest like a lead weight. The next morning. Message says: ” I have to give you an update-M did not come home last night”.   Now I’m frantic as I go through the list of “what to do in case of a disaster”. C has support. Her friend is with her, the neighbour will entertain the grandson. “The police are sending out a helicopter. We’ll know soon”.  Not much I can do separated by many miles.  I don’t want to tell family and friends yet, but I have to tell someone. I call my support couple. My rock fortress. Just sharing makes me feel calmer.   I started cleaning out cupboards, walking the dog, baking banana bread. Keeping busy helps.

The phone rings and my son’s voice fills my head and I could reach through the phone to hug him. They spent the night in the truck, trapped behind a flooded road and were rescued by an excavator diverting the stream the next day. My heart returns to its normal size and I feel exhausted. I don’t think he knows how worried his wife and mother were. The possibility of a bad outcome was unthinkable.

I’m an adult and my heart has been exercised vigorously by happy and sad. My grandson is only 3 1/2. His little heart is having its challenge because he must give up his best friend who is moving away. He’s been quiet at school and tells his caregivers he misses his friend and his mommy. He’s fortunate that he has great parents who recognize his feelings and help him understand.

Old heart, young heart. Be tender with both.


6 thoughts on “The Rollercoaster Life

    1. Yes it was horrifying. I’m going to invest in a gps tracker for him. He really enjoys the outdoors, but when the weather turns, you have to be prepared. When I heard his voice on the phone, a weight lifted off me.


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