Fall. A Time For Finishing A Time of Renewal

The sunlight is changing, watered down. It still warms my back as I stand waiting for Rizzo to finish her morning routine, but you can tell there’s not much power there. The fall colours are beautiful and vanish quickly with the fierce winds.  The geese have gathered and gabbled and most have left for warmer climes. I’m following shortly. Running from winter to visit friendly, small town Mexico.

Fall always is a time for putting away, storing up, looking back at the summer. It is also a time of preparing for the long stretch to new beginnings. Although I don’t have a yard anymore, I like to look at seed catalogues and think about what flowers and plants I’d like to see.

I’m going to share my little sheltered spot with you   Hope it keeps you warm through the coming winter.  Chicken soup, hugs and a good book. Hang in there.

6 thoughts on “Fall. A Time For Finishing A Time of Renewal

  1. And we are getting read for summer here in New Zealand. We had put winter behind us we thought, but today it is very wet and chilly. So I’m keeping the sweaters handy just in case. Enjoy friendly, small town in Mexico.

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    1. Yes, unfortunately she is a robust little dog and no longer fits under the seat of the airplane. I have to put her in a travel pet carrier in the hold. It’s a 4 hour flight and she’s very calm, so hopefully it will be a comfortable trip for her.


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