Getting Settled

imageThere is nothing like the smell of and old closed up RV with musty odour mixed with mouse.  That was my mission to eradicate before I could take her back. Having stored my Winnibego from last April in a humid climate, I knew I would have work ahead of me.

Open every window, bag up the 2 bags of charcoal. (Note to self-need 3 bags) and hunt down the perfectly desiccated mouse remains. 4 in the kitchen area gathered in a conference and 4 eek! In my bed. I lifted the pillow and there they were all lined up in a forever sleep.

Toss out sheets and pillows, haul bedding to launderia down the street. Dog in tow. She’s not impressed. Street dogs scare her mega. So return to my camp and vacuum, scrub, inspect everything. Taking frequent breaks of course, because November here feels like August back home. And when you get hot enough. Jump in the pool.

I spend a second night in the guest room, cause, you know. That smell lingers.

My host is kind enough to take me on a beer and grocery run the next day  my fridge is chilling nicely

Wednesday I have bedroom, kitchen, bathroom fan on, airing things out-I’m winning!  Put a bit of leftover coffee in microwave to heat up, while I make more. Big mistake. I kill the power. There is still power at the wall for the RV. But this is not good. My host calls a guy. He looks, scratches his head. He calls a guy, they both scratch their head. Then an electrician is booked. Doesn’t show. He’ll come mañana. Doesn’t show. I have stored my perishables in my neighbour’s and hosts’ fridge. The host tracks down another electrician. Wrong type. Just does cars.  The mañana guy now can’t come til Monday , my host Carole knows 2 retired Canadians , maybe they can help?  I beg ice cubes from my neighbour, we sit outside and have a drink,  tomorrow will be better.

The next morning is full of blue skies and promise. These 2 retired gentlemen, stroll in off the beach  shake hands and get to work  10 minutes later  problem fixed , a stern warning not to overload the 20 amp service   Understood   Angels do exist.

That night the camp group goes to a local restaurant for shrimp and fish tacos and yummy margaritas. My 2 angels are there and promptly reward them with a beer   Our table is a congenial mix of east and west-Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta and BC  and we have fun!

Dance like there’s no one watching!  And we do.

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