Great Plan

I came to Mexico November 7, a Saturday, and planned to do weekly updates. Yesterday, I wrote a little bit and voila!  Vanished. So here I start again.


I had stored my 1993 Winnibego under a roof in a fenced compound guarded by a Mexican family and their dogs. Should have included a cat. Mice were evident inside, but not too bad. Poison did the job. I think they wiped their behinds on the fabric softener sheets I’d scattered everywhere.

Pierre, the manager of the Sol Terra RV park, and manager of the storage yard was helping me.

-batteries dead- he boosted them

-right rear tires flat-tire guy came and reinflated them

-started beast up- she would not go into reverse

Meanwhile my poor mutt is hot and I’m concerned about where I’m going to stay that night. Call my hosts Carole and Brian at Little Rig RV Park.  No problem. Spend the night in their guest room.

After a warm welcome and cold cervassa and Rizzo lay on the cool tiles, we both felt better. Regroup mañana.

The next day my host and the first gentlemen inspect the hulk as she sits solidly in place. A 1993, 34 ft Winnibego that my husband and I had purchased a year before I retired, from my cousin. And that’s another story. Lola, she was a showgirl.

A tow truck is summoned.   2500.00 pesos and they will tow her to the park   They have to disable the drive shaft, pull her out like a cat from behind the couch and slowly navigate the very bumpy streets of La Peneta Jaltemba.

With inches to spare, steering and winching, they slip her into our old spot from last year.

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