More Family Time

January 3rd, the survivors of the big party, straggle into the dining room of the restaurant. Surprisingly, they aren’t as chipper as they were last night. I’m feeling smug because I bailed 10 minutes to midnight. The residual effect of the wedding for me is sore legs from dancing. This indicates to me that I should be doing more of that for sure.

I had fun, the tears and hugs and pride in my lovely family carried me through. What a wacky, fun energetic bunch of family and friends. I am truly blest.

I was able to see off quite a few people as they left the hotel to drive or fly home. A few lucky ones were staying one more night to catch up on a bit of sleep.

We met at the bride’s parents house for delicious leftover pulled pork and cupcakes and to watch the bride and groom open their gifts. So many beautiful cards and such generous gifts to start them off on their life’s journey together. They were overwhelmed.

My hope for them is that life will be kind and  that they will be there for each other when life is not kind, or fair.  But for now, may the honeymoon phase last a luscious, long time and may their days be filled with sunshine and laughter .  image



4 thoughts on “More Family Time

  1. Thank you. I’m enjoying reading everyone’s blogs. Chris, whom I know, surprises me with her written thoughts and observations and I’m happy to meet new people in this blogging world. I hope 2016 is kind to you.


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