The Wedding Speech January 2, 2016


Hello and greetings to all our family and friends who have joined us for the lovely wedding of Meghan and Michael. Thank you to the master of ceremonies Johann, Meghan’s cousin. It’s not easy keeping us all in order.
I’d like to thank Meghan’s parents, Kerry and Glen  for supporting and and helping to organize this lovely gathering and all the work and effort to bring us to this time of celebrating Michael and Meghan’s wedding.
We all have family and friends we are remembering today and I know they are with us.
I am so pleased that Karl met Meghan and recognized Meghan’s love for Michael. He was proud and happy for Michael.
Meghan and Michael will be lifelong support and helpmates for each other. I know this because of the multitude of life events, both good and sad that both families have gone through. Meghan and Michael have stood by each other and offered comfort and support to each other and to their families.
Meghan, you have a wonderful man as your new husband. He is loyal and true and will share life and laughter with you. As a young child, Michael would trail along on his tricycle and if he fell behind, cry, “wait for me!” I’m so happy he has found such a good companion who will walk beside him.
Thank you Meghan for joining our two families. Your family has been open and welcoming since our first meeting and I’d like to reciprocate and say Welcome to you Meghan, to our clan. A toast to my son Michael and his lovely bride, Meghan.

4 thoughts on “The Wedding Speech January 2, 2016

    1. Michael might be a bit heavier, but there’s no denyibg who is his father. The men in my Dad’s family also look a lot like each other. When I saw a Picture from the 30’s, I could spot my older uncle right away. Dad, his Brothers, my male cousin P-G and, my brother AND my nephew have voices very similar in timbre -even though they have different dialects…

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      1. Yes I agree. It’s fascinating looking through old pictures. Also I see glimpses of both sides of my family as well as his mother’s’ in my grandson. You never know when you will get a surprise glimpse of a relative. I like that thread running through everything.


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