To Life! January 4, 2016

I’m enjoying a quiet day, the sun is shining and not too much to do. My friend from Nova Scotia, Cathie is here. We are swapping observations about the recent wedding of my youngest son and the well being and growth of my oldest son, his wife and three and a half year old grandson. He and his wife are expecting baby number 2 in about 6 weeks.


The grandson, N., has been told there is a baby coming and of course has an opinion on the sex and name of his yet unborn, sibling.

At first he wanted a sister and to call her Batman. Now he wants a brother and to call him Applepie!  Both work for me but as an at home thing. I can visualize school and career being affected by his choice of names. But for now a snuggle with Batman or Applepie would be grand.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


6 thoughts on “To Life! January 4, 2016

    1. It was full of emotion. Missing people who had passed like my Karl and mother in law Mary, and missing people who couldn’t come because of poor health, or prior commitments. That’s life I guess.


  1. Glad the wedding was a success and maybe we’ll get to see photos sometime.
    I love your grandson and his choice of names for the as yet unborn sibling are fantastic. Imagine how life would be if we let the older children choose the name of the baby. Can you let your mind roam free and just imagine kindergarten – your name is lollipop. Good because mine is candy bar.

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