6/366. What! It’s a leap year?!

okay, daily blogging. Then I figure out its a leap year!  Now that’s an extra day to figure in. I can deal with this.

Today was a winter wonderland. The trees were covered with snow and coated the railings. Every now and then the wind would play and toss bits of fluffy snow down from the supports. My friend took some pictures before the wind finished rearranging what we admired.

It has been such a busy start to the year that it was nice to take down the ornaments, sort them into their little boxes  and pack it all away. Then sweep and clean. Capped with a short stroll in the nippy cold. It’s -11c , pleasant but you need to protect your ears and hands.

I made pea soup this morning in the crock pot. The whole condo smells delicious. My friend and I will be joined by another couple of friends and we will feast with pea soup, crusty bread and wine. I wish I could share with everyone.

I hope everyone enjoys productive time and it’s reward-rest. Cheers!


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