Why I didn’t blog on the 8th 8/366

I had great intentions this morning to come up with something inspirational, but things just kept happening.

Breakfast was at my high table overlooking the  frozen river and the snow on the terrace sparkled in the sun.  It’s nice to have someone to talk with in the morning, planning our day.

It seems several family and friends are travelling now or are planning to travel in the near future.  C. and I met up with my walking buddy  K., who is flying to Roatan on Saturday, and my sister in law L. , who is leaving Wednesday for the Florida Keys.   It was a very pleasant lunch at our local hotel restaurant   Hugs and goodbyes all around and back home.

I then went on line,  and found a deal on Westjet for travelling from Puerto Vallarta to Vancouver on February 6.  This is a week before my daughter in law’s due date, so I hope to beat the stork .  She messaged me tonight that my grandson has an imaginary brother and mother living in Mexico.  Maybe I’ll run into them while I’m down there?

I couldn’t book on line because I’m bringing my vacationing mutt back with me.   I think the BC climate will be easier to handle than the cold snap we are heading into right now.  It was nice to talk to a live person to confirm space for Rizzo. Only 3 dogs in the hold per flight.

My friend C. also has a friend C.  We met C2 and her spouse H., at a little family run Greek restaurant.  It was very good food.  I’ll be back there   To cap off the evening, wine in the hot tub with frost in our hair.  A logical thing to do on a -24c night in Manitoba.

And that’s why my blog is late.  Rest well my friends and keep warm




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