Growing old 9/366

My father in law is 87, the family patriarch, and yet in his mind he is as young and charming as when he wed his bride. The years were kind and cruel. He had 6 children, there are only 3 left. His wife of 62 years died this February, leaving him behind.

He is lost.

His wife did everything for him and compounded by his creeping dementia, he cannot manage on his own. At his birthday in October, he was looking forward to being 90.

Now he’s looking forward to his next meal.

Yet all around him, life goes on. We have had new pregnancies and babies announced.  December, February, April, June. We have a bumper crop.

His life is coming to a jerky stop, like a top that is in its final spins. We have lots of stories to pass on about this man called Papa/Opa. Some are funny, some are sad, some outrageous. They will be told slowly, intertwined with stories of the family matriarch, Mary.

He’s not my favourite person, yet he commands respect.  He has done the best he knew how.  He will be remembered in the stories and the grandchildrens’ smiles.

7 thoughts on “Growing old 9/366

  1. My grandson at 9 years old told a paramedic that we don’t use words like age and old around Granma – this was when I had a fall. He told the paramedic that I was 29 plus GST (goods and services tax). The ambulance man laughed loudly and asked if he could use that phrase.
    All we can ask for is to be remembered by those we leave behind and as you say, your father-in-law will be.
    Thanks for following my blog. 🙂


  2. I will always think of your in-laws as Mr & Mrs Kirner – even though they wanted me to use their first names the times we met. He won’t remember me – give him an extra hug just because…
    “39 plus GST” – that works in Swedish as well!


    1. They were always great hosts and you could depend on them to help in a pinch. Times are changing. It was a different Christmas for sure and now the family home is housing a different family. I like that phrase too-gentler reminded of the passing years. Judith of Growing Younger Each Day contributed that. I will pass on your hug.


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