Being Crafty/Creative 10/366

Today I was involved in making a baby quilt for grandchild #2  yet to be born, but soon.  I’ve washed the material and sewn the panal with the animals fron Noah’s ark to a piece of plain flannel and inserted the batting. Then pinned evenly with safety pins all layers together.

I try to think positive thoughts when I’m writing cards and sewing projects. I want only good karma to infuse this quilt. Nice thought, but when the thread gets snarled up all hell breaks loose in my good intentions. Black cloud with thunder. Eventually I get back on track and good thoughts resume.

I’m hoping to use the sewing machine for major outlines and then hand sew the small details. Put some love in it.

I’ll  share the finished project, front and back when I’m done. Enjoy your day/evening/night.



7 thoughts on “Being Crafty/Creative 10/366

  1. Ah so cute! Reminds me of the prayer shawls I made. Prayer and warm thoughts while you work, and the pattern is not difficult but I kept muttering and eventually cursing as I messed up again and again. Then deep breath and back to contempkation. Thank goodness for deep breaths!


    1. Yes, exactly like a prayer shawl. It’s hard to keep positive thoughts when you are tangled up in your project! And problems with publishing yesterday. I thought I had pressed publish, but it was still in draft when I went to write today’s! I’ll figure it out…slowly😋

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    1. And I’d like to learn to draw. I guess every time we try something we make a millimetre of progress. You don’t realize it at the time, but when you look back and then look ahead you can see where you are. I feel like I’m making a shield for my wee ones. Keeping them safe. I hope you have a Happy 2016.


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