Blogging Challenges 11/366

Part of blogging challenges is coming up with a topic. Then unless you’re  writing about the subject of the picture, finding a picture that complements your blog. Distractions are a big problem for me. I’ve had a visitor staying with me after my son’s wedding, and since I’m not sitting around as much, grasping to come up with something each day. And the ins and outs of managing the WordPress site-how to control where my picture ends up, how to make the site more user friendly, and what the heck is that heavy blue line that often intrudes?  In fact it just popped up now, a poltergeist of no source.

I’m like a chimpanzee with a typewriter.

I was chatting with my friend and I am changing,  I’m watching less tv, playing more on my computer, making more effort to move around, feeling guiltier about neglecting my nutrition, sleeping less, walking my dog, taking up crafty hobbies like making baby blankets, making plans for future trips. Dancing more. Moving on. Remembering.

It came as a jolt to me that I haven’t been standing still these last few years   My friends are also looking at new endeavours, we’re open to meeting new people, trying new things. 2016 is shaping up. I know it’s not always going to be calm, but I feel that this will be a good year, I’m optimistic. Whether that is foolish or promise,  we shall see.

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