Preparations 14/366

I’ve been home here in Manitoba for Christmas and to celebrate my youngest son’s wedding.

Now I’m making ready to get out of this deep freeze and return to warm Mexico.  I left my little dog with fellow snowbirds at the RV park.  She has been having a great time. I’ve had a great time.  Win-win.  It would have been difficult to bring Rizzo back to this climate and all the hubbub Christmas and the wedding created.

Now I have my suitcase open and throw things in as I see it.  I really want to bring back a aerosol foam to make my RV less open to mice, but air travel cancels that.  I’ll have to scour the little hardware stores in La Peneta for that.

So every morning since my company left after the wedding, I wake up and go through my packing list.  Too much, too little.  Stew, stew, stew.

I know it’s cooler down there now, maybe my hoodie will be useful.  I have to bring my snow boots, because after a couple of weeks getting reacquainted with my dog companion, I’m heading to BC with her to do my Grandma thing.  My almost 4 years old grandson is expecting a sibling.   Batman if it’s a girl, Applepie for a boy.  I can hardly wait.

So Saturday early am flight is coming fast.  Ready or not I’ll be on that flight.  A new friend has promised a band and Rizzo waiting for me.  And a cold glass of Rose wine.  The rest of the winter promises to be balmy.  Keep warm and enjoy your day.

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