Running Away From Winter 16/366

A woman at the airport says she hates winter.  Doesn’t like anything about it  I have to say I don’t mind winter if it’s not too cold.  Arriving here after an awful departure time-6am, I did appreciate the warmth .  It starts in the airport as you wait to be processed, clothes start coming off , then there’s a lull as we roar through the air at 500 miles per hour.  Once we landed and the fasten seat belt light went off, there was a wild transformation from grey sweatshirts to flip flops and bright prints.  You could feel the humidity as you walked through the airport, but it felt good.

Now I’m sitting outside my aging Winnibego, having just finished a glass of rosé with my neighbour.  I still have a few things to put away but it’s easy to get into the mañana vibe with the sound of the waves and a sleeping pup in the shade.  2 weeks vacation til I go to welcome the second grandchild , everything in its own time.


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