Little Pleasures 17/366

So life here in the RV park is very pleasant after my airport/airline experience yesterday.

My neighbour and I went for pizza to an Italian restaurant in town after my long travel day.  I didn’t have to cook and it was a pleasant diversion.  I slept well last night!  I’m  just home now (to my RV), after a little Sunday drive with my hosts Brian and Carole. We took our dogs to Chacala, a little town 20 minutes north of La Peneta. It was very pleasant walking on the beach, stopping for a cold cervessa and then home. Nothing major, but pleasant.

It got me thinking about all the little pleasures we experience each day.  A message given or received from friends or family, a trusting look from a family pet, a hug and kiss freely given from a little grandson.  The sound of the waves, the antics of the birds, the sun shining on the snow, sipping a glass of wine in a hot tub with friends, nature.  The list is endless.

All it takes is to be in the moment and recognize each little treasure when you discover it, or it finds you.  Be open and receptive and see all the great things that come to you.


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