My Brain is Crowded! 18/366


The online course for creative writing started today through Future Learn. It has been a day of challenges.  I couldn’t log in to the course and the support fellow messaged me to clear my history and restart my tablet.  That’s when I discovered I had a cookie problem.  Me? A problem with cookies? Never!  Sad but true.  I cleansed my aura and started again.  Was able to log on successfully and did a few chapters.

Then to heck with it, walked Rizzo down the beach, finding sea glass and translucent shell fragments.  Went to the local butcher and bought a nice chicken breast for supper.  Then back we trotted, staying just out of reach of the slithering wave fringe along the beach.

Back to the course.  I found having to do the exercise fact and fiction a bit daunting, especially after I read what some of the other students came up with.  You’ve got a long way to go baby!

Now after downloading the WordPress app, I’m ready to smash the tablet over my knee.  Only thing to do was trash the app and go back through my browser.

So, gentle reader how was your day?  I hope that technology doesn’t frustrate you and you find lots of inspiration in your daily encounters.  Me?  I heading off to soothe my jangled psyche with a libation.  Cheers!


6 thoughts on “My Brain is Crowded! 18/366

  1. Well darling girl I have not even tried to get into the course. Georges funeral this morning then off to my card making ckass. The snow storm was so vicious I had to abandon all thoughts of Aunt Fran. Took an hour to go 5 km made meat loaf potatoes and peas, and wine. Will be snowed in tomorrow and will do the course then


  2. Very frustrating when it doesn’t work! Finally got it figured out, but I was ready to get physical with my tablet. The app wasn’t working properly, most likely due to the internet speed. I just have to work it through, patiently. Haha.


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