Gods Creatures 20/366

Today,  Rizzo and I walked from Little Rig RV park to the groomers, located about a 20 minute walk along rough streets with heaved sidewalks and jutting cobblestones.  She needs to get spruced up.  Her rag-a-muffin charm isn’t so charming when she gets into the burrs.  Also, her dew claws were starting to make a ram’s horn turn.  They don’t get worn down as well as her other claws.  She was suspicious and tried to rest on her haunches as I cajoled (pulled), her out of the yard and down the lane.  I couldn’t figure out if she was reluctant to leave her playmate Bon Bon, or face the gauntlet of barking dogs in their yards down the lane.  Once we passed the launderia, she stopped resisting and came along with more eagerness.

I handed her over to Valeria, the groomer, and Rizzo gave me The Look.  There was some whining and snivelling but I headed off for a short walk around the block, then back to wait for her.  I noticed that streets are cleaner, swept and garbage picked up.  The town square is being refurbished.  Maybe the pride is rippling outwards into the local neighbourhoods.

When I picked her up she was ecstatic and well groomed.  Hooray!


My neighbour has been involved in rescuing a female dog and her 3 pups, I assisted a wee bit and here is a picture of the mother and one of the pups post bath.  Unfortunately it’s a black dog with a black pup in the shadows  They are clean and getting healthier.




2 thoughts on “Gods Creatures 20/366

  1. She’s a best guess dog. The father looks like a corgi/ beagle, and the mom like a terrier/poodle. I see a lot of terrier behaviour. She loves to dig in the sand and play fetch. In her case it’s keep-away. Spunky little dog.

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