Vanity 21/366

Today was a productive day.  Did some cleaning of my little RV.  Doesn’t take long.  Wrestled the ball from Rizzo a few times, she hasn’t got the concept that she needs to bring it back AND release.  We will keep working on that.  Her new hairdo suits her. She looks like she has petite feet now instead of wearing Uggs.

I walked down to the Crystalleria, a great store full of household stuff designed for the Mexican population and the long term residents from away.  I’m in the market for a couple of small lamps.  I’m having electrical issues with the Winnibago-none of my overhead lights are working.  I had a lamp from the owner of the park, but since it came from her living room, I had to give it back.

I hesitated over a couple of lamp choices.  Mañana is a much easier way of deciding.  I met with friends from Winnipeg at the local Avenida Restaurant and we enjoyed cold cervessa and tostadas- crispy tortilla type wafer covered in chicken and salsa and onions.  Yum!

The strolling vendors were in full swing and if I’m not going to buy lamps, why not buy silver?  So I did-a cascade of silver necklace and a little bracelet .  That’s  where the vanity comes in.  How could  I be so quick to decide on the necklace and bracelet and waffled on the lamps?



11 thoughts on “Vanity 21/366

  1. Hey Donna, that doesn’t surprise me at all…There you go with your ‘crow’ tendency of being attracted to sparkling things. You just needed to find some lamps that were gold or silver. 🙂
    PS I sent a message to you on Whatsapp. We can also talk on that – not just text.

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  2. I’m thinking spell check threw you off. I bought jewellry instead of a lamp. I did get my awning straps changed and changed a few fuses, but the electrical system is not good. And I know what you have to say about that. Keep warm.


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