A Gift 23/366

The full moon is tonight and the surf and tides have been impressive.  At night you can hear the boom of the waves as they crash against the shelf of beach.  The beach changes daily, the waves deposit and take away sand, gravel, big rocks, debris.  The tourist follows the waves like piper birds, chasing the sea glass.  I find a few pieces too, smooth and  harmless after the waves and sand have done their work.

This morning the waves have washed up high onto the camp yard and are creating a new landscape.  The fence may go next.  I stood and listened to the roll of stones as they were played with by the waves, it is similar to those rain sticks at 10,000 Villages, hypnotic.

So in the aftermath of the crashing wave, I found a little piece of abalone shell.  I think it would make a nice amulet.  It has captured the colour of the waves and the sun.  On the underside is moonlight.  A gift.

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