Getting Caught Up 24/366

imageI started reading this book, and keep having to put it down.  Now, between all the other things I’m doing , finally getting a chance to lose myself in reading for a few hours.

Last night, with the full moon and the El Niño weather, the tide roared and growled, tossing large rocks and moving piles of gravel to and fro, making the rain stick sounds.

It made me feel wild and free, indestructible.  Good thing this all played out in my mind, or I would have been ground to pebbles and smashed down onto the sand.

Freedom to imagine, to be, to share our stories.  Some of that is expressed in this book.  I hope you have time to read some of the things you enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Getting Caught Up 24/366

  1. Reading sometimes gets pushed to the back of our “to do” list. I need to get back to a reading time. If I read before bed, sometimes I end up reading through the night. Not my best plan.


  2. I’m finding little time to get lost in a book at present. With Sandy and her goings on dancing in my brain and trying to do the Fiction Course the only time seems to be when I go to bed. Well a good book and a comfortable bed with a cup of tea, what more could a woman want.


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