Good Things 28/366

Good things in life: I started to list them, but rapidly realized I was writing out words to the Mary Poppins song “these are a few of my favourite things”.

What has me in this great mood you ask?

I have met a friend, and at my age, one who’s fun and breathing is awesome.  We met in November and have been doing polite conversation and hellos until we acknowledged our mutual attraction and are now companions.  It’s fun to have someone to talk to, snuggle with and who brings you flowers.

Dating at this stage is a bit weird.  I am doing a good job of not comparing him to my deceased husband.  He seems pretty comfortable with someone new as well.  We are easy with meeting each other’s friends, here in this artificial forever vacation land.  We have been able to talk about wanting to maintain our independence, but enjoying sharing some meals and activities.

So that’s how come I welcomed having this man to sit with me as we supervised yet another day with the transmission guys, able to take a break and watch the waves on our ever changing beach and talk about a few excursions to nearby beaches.

Dating at this age is really much more comfortable after a bit of nervous moments, than it was as a teenager and young adult.  Maybe it’s because I’m more sure of myself, confident that I’m my own friend first and not threatened to allow someone to know me. Also I feel like my camp mates have been checking him out, and so far, they approve.



13 thoughts on “Good Things 28/366

      1. Just wish I’d be lucky enough to find someone I’d like to spend time with… The problem in a small town like this is probably world-wide – the good ones are spoken for and the rest didn’t pass the mark in their previous relationship… Yeah, I’m a bit down on nthis matter.


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