Lola, a High Maintenance Gal 4/2/366

As we know, Lola, my 1993 Winnibego, has been stored over the summer here in la Peneta.  I’m learning so much about mechanics, thanks to her.

The transmission took a while but the ingenious Mexicans can fix anything.  They rebuilt the transmission and installed new u-joints and reassembled it in place here in the RV park.

Tuesday I took it for a test drive with my Snowbird friend.  As we were backing it out of the lot, the power steering failed, and it had a very brake like burning smell.  We crawled to the end of the street and pulled over.  The garbage truck was expected imminently and a game of chicken wasn’t on my bucket list.

At the end of the street,  a friend of my Snowbird summoned a mechanic across the street.  Yes, Lola was in distress, nothing the mechanic could do-best go down the highway a short distance, to a bigger garage for aid.  We limped along and pulled into a busy looking place with an outside portable hoist.  I’d never seen one before, but obviously modern.

They were very kind and fit us in between their other jobs and siesta!  A fun date to be sure and believe me you can see a person’s full character when they hang out with you ALL day til 730 pm, overseeing the work and getting the mechanic to check right hand/left hand thread on the tire nuts.  Who knew?

Clever mechanic had to manufacture the brake line and splice the power steering line.  He suggested I bring back new parts when I return from my February visit to Canada.

Since it was dark when we were fixed, we parked on the street by the beach, had supper and margaritas and slept in the RV.

Next morning, Lola was feeling peppy and we made it without incident to Chacala about an hour down the road and spent a lovely day at the beach.  So, all and all a good experience, and, touch wood, all systems that you really need, operational.



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