It’s Apple Pie! 21/02/2016

Good things are worth waiting for and ta duh!  Apple Pie made it into the world to meet his Grandma. Hooray.  Bouncing baby boy at 8 lbs. 14 oz.  My daughter in law was amazing!

Nothing was happening the morning of the 18th and I had given up.  My flight was on the 20th.  C. and I went for a nice walk to the other side of town and met her friend for lunch, then walked back.  C. lay down to have a little rest and a few hours later announced Things were Happening!    The process in this small mountain town is you go to the clinic, and if they say you’re ready, you drive to the larger centre about 45 minutes away.

My son came home from work a bit early with oldest grandson from day care.  “Grandmas’s in charge.” my son told #1 grandson. ” Be good and listen to her.” “Why?”said # 1.  “Because we listen to the person who is looking after us.”  Satisfied with that answer, we got along swimmingly.  I sympathized with his “I miss my mommy” and we painted her a picture.  Supper was prepared.  His tastes are basic: delicious bakery bun with ketchup.  Weiner on the side pushed around suspiciously.  He scoffed at Grandma eating her raw carrot sticks and drank a good helping of milk.  Then relaxing in front of  a Legos movie.

The phone rang about 3 hours or so from the parent’s departure. Did the baby diaper bag get left in the hallway?  I couldn’t find it.  My son says ” I’ll look in the car cause we are going to need it for your new grandson!”  I couldn’t believe it!

If I had known setting the deadline would produce such results!…I didn’t tell N.  he had a brother.  I just said his mom and dad were going to bring him a baby tomorrow.  The rest of his bedtime routine accomplished and the only request after stories, was for me to sit in the room with him.  5 mins later I was patting myself on the back.

In the morning, my daughter in law called and told N. he was a big brother and it was a boy baby.  N. never doubted it would be a boy after the first 6-7 months of waffling.. A super big smile lit his face,  and he went off to day care to await his parents and the baby at the end of the day.

So now my son and his wife have a lovely family of 2 sons.  What fun and work lies ahead.  It is so worth it.  I feel so happy that I was able to help comfort  my oldest grandson, when he missed his parents and after such an anxious wait, got to meet #2 grandson, a striking replica of his big brother.  Mom and babe are doing welł and their family adventure begins.


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