Good Things 28/366

Good things in life: I started to list them, but rapidly realized I was writing out words to the Mary Poppins song “these are a few of my favourite things”.

What has me in this great mood you ask?

I have met a friend, and at my age, one who’s fun and breathing is awesome.  We met in November and have been doing polite conversation and hellos until we acknowledged our mutual attraction and are now companions.  It’s fun to have someone to talk to, snuggle with and who brings you flowers.

Dating at this stage is a bit weird.  I am doing a good job of not comparing him to my deceased husband.  He seems pretty comfortable with someone new as well.  We are easy with meeting each other’s friends, here in this artificial forever vacation land.  We have been able to talk about wanting to maintain our independence, but enjoying sharing some meals and activities.

So that’s how come I welcomed having this man to sit with me as we supervised yet another day with the transmission guys, able to take a break and watch the waves on our ever changing beach and talk about a few excursions to nearby beaches.

Dating at this age is really much more comfortable after a bit of nervous moments, than it was as a teenager and young adult.  Maybe it’s because I’m more sure of myself, confident that I’m my own friend first and not threatened to allow someone to know me. Also I feel like my camp mates have been checking him out, and so far, they approve.



Dragon in the Garden 26/366

I sit at my old Winnibego and feel the sea breeze soft against my face.  I watch the frigate birds shadow the Pelicans and I watch the dragon at the end of the garden.

It hasn’t always been there, sometimes I see it at home in the limbs of the oak tree.  This time it showed up after the full moon and is aching to escape from its heap of garden debris.  The next bonfire will release it into the universe in a shower of embers and ash.

I know it will show up again, my constant companion, spawn of my imagination.


Getting Caught Up 24/366

imageI started reading this book, and keep having to put it down.  Now, between all the other things I’m doing , finally getting a chance to lose myself in reading for a few hours.

Last night, with the full moon and the El Niño weather, the tide roared and growled, tossing large rocks and moving piles of gravel to and fro, making the rain stick sounds.

It made me feel wild and free, indestructible.  Good thing this all played out in my mind, or I would have been ground to pebbles and smashed down onto the sand.

Freedom to imagine, to be, to share our stories.  Some of that is expressed in this book.  I hope you have time to read some of the things you enjoy.

A Gift 23/366

The full moon is tonight and the surf and tides have been impressive.  At night you can hear the boom of the waves as they crash against the shelf of beach.  The beach changes daily, the waves deposit and take away sand, gravel, big rocks, debris.  The tourist follows the waves like piper birds, chasing the sea glass.  I find a few pieces too, smooth and  harmless after the waves and sand have done their work.

This morning the waves have washed up high onto the camp yard and are creating a new landscape.  The fence may go next.  I stood and listened to the roll of stones as they were played with by the waves, it is similar to those rain sticks at 10,000 Villages, hypnotic.

So in the aftermath of the crashing wave, I found a little piece of abalone shell.  I think it would make a nice amulet.  It has captured the colour of the waves and the sun.  On the underside is moonlight.  A gift.

Vanity 21/366

Today was a productive day.  Did some cleaning of my little RV.  Doesn’t take long.  Wrestled the ball from Rizzo a few times, she hasn’t got the concept that she needs to bring it back AND release.  We will keep working on that.  Her new hairdo suits her. She looks like she has petite feet now instead of wearing Uggs.

I walked down to the Crystalleria, a great store full of household stuff designed for the Mexican population and the long term residents from away.  I’m in the market for a couple of small lamps.  I’m having electrical issues with the Winnibago-none of my overhead lights are working.  I had a lamp from the owner of the park, but since it came from her living room, I had to give it back.

I hesitated over a couple of lamp choices.  Mañana is a much easier way of deciding.  I met with friends from Winnipeg at the local Avenida Restaurant and we enjoyed cold cervessa and tostadas- crispy tortilla type wafer covered in chicken and salsa and onions.  Yum!

The strolling vendors were in full swing and if I’m not going to buy lamps, why not buy silver?  So I did-a cascade of silver necklace and a little bracelet .  That’s  where the vanity comes in.  How could  I be so quick to decide on the necklace and bracelet and waffled on the lamps?


Gods Creatures 20/366

Today,  Rizzo and I walked from Little Rig RV park to the groomers, located about a 20 minute walk along rough streets with heaved sidewalks and jutting cobblestones.  She needs to get spruced up.  Her rag-a-muffin charm isn’t so charming when she gets into the burrs.  Also, her dew claws were starting to make a ram’s horn turn.  They don’t get worn down as well as her other claws.  She was suspicious and tried to rest on her haunches as I cajoled (pulled), her out of the yard and down the lane.  I couldn’t figure out if she was reluctant to leave her playmate Bon Bon, or face the gauntlet of barking dogs in their yards down the lane.  Once we passed the launderia, she stopped resisting and came along with more eagerness.

I handed her over to Valeria, the groomer, and Rizzo gave me The Look.  There was some whining and snivelling but I headed off for a short walk around the block, then back to wait for her.  I noticed that streets are cleaner, swept and garbage picked up.  The town square is being refurbished.  Maybe the pride is rippling outwards into the local neighbourhoods.

When I picked her up she was ecstatic and well groomed.  Hooray!


My neighbour has been involved in rescuing a female dog and her 3 pups, I assisted a wee bit and here is a picture of the mother and one of the pups post bath.  Unfortunately it’s a black dog with a black pup in the shadows  They are clean and getting healthier.



Illusion 19/366

  1. The tree has something on its branch.  Yesterday I thought it was a bird preening its feathers, but after staring at it intently, realized it’s just leaves.
  2. Today, a grackle sat beside this clump and did a little song and head bob-so I’m not the only one fooled by this bird illusion.
  3. I am under the illusion I can write but I certainly can’t be a desktop editor as I’m stuck in this Feist song 1-2-3.  Hope your day runs smoothly and may all you illusions be happy ones!image

My Brain is Crowded! 18/366


The online course for creative writing started today through Future Learn. It has been a day of challenges.  I couldn’t log in to the course and the support fellow messaged me to clear my history and restart my tablet.  That’s when I discovered I had a cookie problem.  Me? A problem with cookies? Never!  Sad but true.  I cleansed my aura and started again.  Was able to log on successfully and did a few chapters.

Then to heck with it, walked Rizzo down the beach, finding sea glass and translucent shell fragments.  Went to the local butcher and bought a nice chicken breast for supper.  Then back we trotted, staying just out of reach of the slithering wave fringe along the beach.

Back to the course.  I found having to do the exercise fact and fiction a bit daunting, especially after I read what some of the other students came up with.  You’ve got a long way to go baby!

Now after downloading the WordPress app, I’m ready to smash the tablet over my knee.  Only thing to do was trash the app and go back through my browser.

So, gentle reader how was your day?  I hope that technology doesn’t frustrate you and you find lots of inspiration in your daily encounters.  Me?  I heading off to soothe my jangled psyche with a libation.  Cheers!


Little Pleasures 17/366

So life here in the RV park is very pleasant after my airport/airline experience yesterday.

My neighbour and I went for pizza to an Italian restaurant in town after my long travel day.  I didn’t have to cook and it was a pleasant diversion.  I slept well last night!  I’m  just home now (to my RV), after a little Sunday drive with my hosts Brian and Carole. We took our dogs to Chacala, a little town 20 minutes north of La Peneta. It was very pleasant walking on the beach, stopping for a cold cervessa and then home. Nothing major, but pleasant.

It got me thinking about all the little pleasures we experience each day.  A message given or received from friends or family, a trusting look from a family pet, a hug and kiss freely given from a little grandson.  The sound of the waves, the antics of the birds, the sun shining on the snow, sipping a glass of wine in a hot tub with friends, nature.  The list is endless.

All it takes is to be in the moment and recognize each little treasure when you discover it, or it finds you.  Be open and receptive and see all the great things that come to you.

Running Away From Winter 16/366

A woman at the airport says she hates winter.  Doesn’t like anything about it  I have to say I don’t mind winter if it’s not too cold.  Arriving here after an awful departure time-6am, I did appreciate the warmth .  It starts in the airport as you wait to be processed, clothes start coming off , then there’s a lull as we roar through the air at 500 miles per hour.  Once we landed and the fasten seat belt light went off, there was a wild transformation from grey sweatshirts to flip flops and bright prints.  You could feel the humidity as you walked through the airport, but it felt good.

Now I’m sitting outside my aging Winnibego, having just finished a glass of rosé with my neighbour.  I still have a few things to put away but it’s easy to get into the mañana vibe with the sound of the waves and a sleeping pup in the shade.  2 weeks vacation til I go to welcome the second grandchild , everything in its own time.